09th April 2012

Bang & Olufsen have a legendary reputation for design excellence, attention to detail and superb craftsmanship.

It was a great privilege for Carved Wood to be asked by Bang & Olufsen Wilmslow to design and create a T.V. cabinet for the new Beo Vision 12-65 T.V.

The client brief was to work with clean lines and come up with an understated design rather than my usual eccentric designs based on frenetic natural movement in nature. This was difficult, having an innate aversion for all things conventional, simple and clean. Restricting my imagination was like caging a wild animal, brutal and cruel but essential in the interest of pacifying the "less is more brigade". Compounding the design problems was a restriction on height, length and depth, whilst at the same time providing the necessary utility of DVD storage, blue ray player, sky box and beo system.

The part of the design that interested me the most on the Beo Vision 12-65 was the wave design of the speakers, beautifully simple based on a natural wave shape. This gave me something creative to work with, coming up with a breakfronted design incorporating two breakfront posts and two corner posts handcarved from Walnut in a wave shape to mirror the detail on the speakers (breakfronting is a technique used in furniture design to create better proportions by breaking the line of the cabinet with a step out ). In order to give a modernistic feel I chose a combination of Rippled Sycamore and Walnut, the rich chocolate brown colour of Walnut contrasting dramatically with the pale ivory colour of Rippled Sycamore, reflecting the T.V. screen design of simple black frame surrounding an illuminated lighter screen.

Rippled Sycamore was an ideal choice, the ripples so reminiscent of ripples in water, intensifying the Bang & Olufsen wave design of the speakers. Marron Emperador Marble seemed an appropriate choice for the top, looking almost like a fusion of the two wood colours of chocolate brown and ivory and the veins of the Marble harmonizing well with the ripple figure of the Sycamore. With the design nearing completion and the clean lines rhetoric still ringing in my ears, I felt I had to do something for the good of my soul, some indulgent gesture to make the minimalists puke. Of course! Sculptural handles, a naturalistic form, soft, gentle and feminine allowing the user intimate contact with the wood.

All is forgiven !!!