30th October 2017

For many years Carved wood design bespoke kitchens have avoided painted kitchens, preferring to concentrate on beautiful figured native hardwoods in their bespoke kitchen designs. However, fashions change and the demand for painted work has never been higher, with clients constantly asking for painted kitchen furniture in the classic English style. Having an unequaled reputation for innovative designs and quality construction, the decision was taken to start making painted kitchen furniture, only if the inherent integrity of the work could be maintained. With the longevity of the work being a major factor, the painted work now being produced by Carved wood design is of the same quality as the hardwood kitchen furniture, namely solid hardwood throughout the entire cabinet. Unlike other companies who use cheap materials like MDF, the work produced by Carved wood design will last a lifetime, and the great advantage of painted work is that the paint finish can be changed every few years for a fresh look, and to keep pace with modern trends.