Stock of prime grade sustainable English Oak boards

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Stock of English Oak boards for this particular commission, prior to selection. Carved wood takes the sustainable option, refusing to use tropical wood and only takes wood from managed forestry in the UK and Europe. This ensures continuity of supply for future generations. In a managed forest when trees reach maturity they are removed and replaced with new saplings continuing the natural cycle of growth and regeneration.
The process of making bespoke furniture and handmade kitchens has very little impact on the environment, wood is a carbon neutral product taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen during the growing period. Offcuts are burnt to provide heating, the sawdust is used by a local farmer and unlike most bespoke kitchen manufacturers toxic chemical spray finishes are never used.

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Hand Cut Dovetail Joints On The Canopy
Selection process

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Selection process
Hand Draw knifing
Mortice and tenon joint
Hand Carved Door Panel
Sculptural Door Panel
Fitting the handmade sculptural panel
Wedged Mortice and Tenon
Hand Scraping
The Glow
Hand Carved Handle
Mortice and Tenon Frames
Putting Together The Frames
An Interested Onlooker
Cramping The Frames.
Complete Mortice and Tenon Frames